Project Updates

Our website’s been down for a little while, and we haven’t been able to update you on all the exciting things that have been happening recently with the Floating Fab Lab, but without further ado, we would like to present our big news! We’re very, very excited to announce that we have a boat! The FLF has been working with the Shipyard… Read more →


The Santiago Maker Scene

Santiago is a unique city, especially by Latin American standards. It’s modern and expensive, bourgie and healthy, clean and educated. There’s vegan coffee shops and antique stores and well-loved dogs on leashes whose owners pick up after them. In Europe it’s easy to get annoyed by gentrification, but in Latin America it’s rather refreshing. Fab Lab Santiago makes its home in… Read more →


Fab Lat Fest 2016

The Fab Lat Fest 2016 took place during the last weekend in May in cities all over Latin America. A fully interactive and international affair, it was one of the first events of its kind. Participants were able to tune in to Fab Lat TV, no matter their location in the world, and observe and contribute to workshops and presentations taking place in… Read more →


Bio Fab

On the 30th of April, Beno Juarez and other members of the Floating Fab Lab team partook in a series of presentations on the subject of synthetic biology in the Lima district of San Isidro. Jaime Sotomayor, recognized last year by the MIT Technology Review as one of five Peruvian innovators under the age of 35, started the evening off, asking, “How can… Read more →



Everyone involved in the Floating Fab Lab is a volunteer. Not one member of this international team of more than fifty is receiving a paycheck for their time and skill. What motivates all these individuals to donate their passion to such a project? Of course the FLF is inspiring in and of itself, but there’s more to the story–there’s personal motivation. Let’s start with… Read more →


Powered by Biology

“We have very friendly bees in the Amazon. You can put them in your hand,” Floating Fab Lab founder Beno Juarez said during a recent interview. “More than 40% of the jungle is pollinated by bees, and we are losing these types of bees.” Digital fabrication can be used in the construction of beehives, most notably for designing biosensors to… Read more →


Empowered Community

Toward the end of 2014, as Lima hosted the United Nations Climate Change Conference, five different oil spills belched into the Amazon from a single major pipeline. The effect is devastating, hordes of dead fish and millions of human lives tainted by illness and fear. It’s not fair. In a matter of five months, Petroperú created an environmental holocaust that… Read more →


Strategic Design

We’re making nano assemblers that build cells, we’re making micro assemblers that build integrated circuits, we’re making macro assemblers that build jumbo jets, we’re making giant assemblers that build geological scale features, and we’re working on space assemblers to build space civilizations, all based on this fundamental transition of digitizing fabrication, not by making the design digital, but by actually… Read more →


Organic Technology

“Community access to digital fabrication isn’t a vision of the future,” Professor Neil Gershenfeld (USA), Fab Founder and director of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms, said at a November TEDx talk titled “Programming a New Reality”. From the TEDx talk: “A week or so ago I was at the United Nations general assembly. […] This is the biggest gathering… Read more →


Powered by People

October and November were important months for the glocal Floating Fab Lab team. The project’s focus is shifting from the administrative, planning stage to the application and implementation stage. In early November they organized a special event in Lima and Iquitos which several institutions attended, including MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms, the Environmental Ministry of Peru, and Fab Labs Costa… Read more →